OpenShot Cloud API

Editing videos in the cloud has never been easier! OpenShot Cloud API is a REST-based framework, which allows videos to be created, edited, transcoded, animated, and much more! It can be quickly integrated into websites, mobile applications, desktop applications, and just about any programming language which supports HTTP requests.

OpenShot Cloud API is designed as a private cloud, which you manage yourself. Run a single EC2 instance (using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), or scale up to hundreds of servers. Each new instance you bring online becomes a new worker/slave, allowing smooth scaling without any complex architecture changes.

The proceeds from OpenShot Cloud API are used to fund OpenShot Video Editor, an award-winning free, open-source desktop video editor. In fact, OpenShot Video Editor and OpenShot Cloud API support the same project file format, which allows for templates to be easily created in our desktop editor, and then loaded (and modified) in our Cloud API.

This guide will teach you how to configure and use your own private OpenShot Cloud API server.

Table of Contents: