Need some help? No worries, we have you many options for support.

E-mail Support

If you are a paying OpenShot Cloud API customer, free email support is provided. Just send an email to, and we’ll do our best to quickly answer your questions. If there is a simple fix, we’ll help you solve it. If it is a more complex issue, we’ll still do our best to help, but you might require custom development or consulting, which we also offer.

Custom Development

If you have a need that is not solved by OpenShot Cloud API, please contact us and let us know. We offer custom development services as well, and we are happy to give you a quote for a new feature or enhancement. We also offer consulting services, for assistance on scaling your infrastructure, improving performance bottlenecks, or if you just want some advice. Contact us:

Thank You

Thank you so much for being a customer of OpenShot Cloud API. We are thrilled to have you, and want to say thank you for your support. The funds raised by OpenShot Cloud API are used to run our free, open-source desktop video editor, OpenShot Video Editor. Your contribution directly impacts hundreds of thousands of users of OpenShot Video Editor, so thank you again!